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So now you are ready to make the first step… How exciting! I am sure you may have questions about the process of getting on my waitlist so I have provided some useful information related to the most common questions.  Of course; if you ever want any more information you are free to contact me at any time. 

How much do you charge for your puppies and kittens?

I truly believe that my puppies and kittens are some of the best quality in the world. A fellow breeder once asked me how I made my cattery and program world class and what my “secret” was (I was very grateful of course to know that others saw my program this way as this is really my ultimate goal). It is not to be better than others, but to be the best that I can be and offer my clients a puppy and/or kitten that has the foundation developed to live a long life full of vitality. I told this breeder my “secret” is love. Simple. The vibration of love is the most powerful energy in the world.  And I put my entire heart into everything I do. From start to finish, I do not compromise or sacrifice when it comes to my animals and my breeding programs.  This starts with selective choosing of high quality bloodlines, then genetic and health testing, superior nutrition, enhanced socialization, mental stimulation by incorporating numerous types of activity centres to build confidence, enhance curiosity, and provide oodles of fun! I also allow all of my animals, including the cats, to get fresh air, sunshine, and as much outdoor space through my sophisticated and safe catios. The dogs of course get to enjoy my safe and fully fenced quarter acre property.

Many other breeders are able to sell their puppies and kittens for a little or even a lot less money and this is due to 2 main reasons:

1) They put less expense into their animals! Simple.  Feeding raw, high quality supplements, building safe outdoor catios for the cats, genetic testing, pet insurance, etc etc etc are all expensive but result in a healthier and well balanced animal that has the proper foundation already set to live a long healthy life.  Backyard breeders are very dangerous and do not care for their animals, do not health test, genetic test, or invest in quality purebred animals and also do not care for the animals properly.  This results in a cheaper cost upfront but often is a recipe for disaster and results in a significant amount of costs over the animal’s life (vet bills galore).  These breeds are a perfect example where the statement  “ you get what you pay for” really applies.

2) Quality of breeding cats and dogs in my program. My dogs and cats have been selectively brought in from all over the world! We put a lot of care and dedication into producing the very best breed standard French bulldogs and Abyssinian cats that are healthy, socialized and with great temperaments. 

There is very little profit in an ethical breeding program. So much money goes into running the household and caring properly for our animals.  This is not something people do to “make money.” The price of our puppies and kittens vary depending on that particular pup or kitten (quality, colour, etc) and add to that the hours of time and energy that goes into raising them for a full 10 to 16 weeks! This is a very 24/7 job as tending to newborn animals is a lot of work and not to mention the other costs involved (shots, microchips, deworming, spays/neuters, c sections, progesterone testing, ultrasounds, x-rays, etc etc etc).

How can I secure a spot on the waiting list?

  • If you feel you have done sufficient research on French Bulldogs and/or Abyssinian cats (depending on which you are looking for) and consider yourself to be a good candidate for giving one of our babies a loving, lifetime home, then the next step is to apply to be added to our waiting list.
  • Please apply to be on or waiting list through our online application, or send an email directly to renee@pureshadesdechocolat.com

Do I have to pay to be on the waiting list?

  • Many breeders do require a deposit to go on the wait list, but I do not. Deposits are not required until the owners are chosen.

How long will I have to wait to choose my kitten or puppy?

  • This all depends on what type of kitten or puppy you are waiting for (colour, pattern, sex, etc), and how many people ahead of you on the wait list are waiting for the same type of kitten or puppy. Often people are waiting for a specific set of parents that they like, or a specific colour or pattern.
  • If you are waiting on a future litter that is not yet born, keep in mind that there is an approximate two month gestation period after a successful breeding, followed by a 3 month period where the kitten/puppy is with us and being raised by his/her mother.  So you are looking at a minimum of 5 months in such a case before you will be taking your kitten/puppy home.
  • The average person goes on our waiting list 6 months to 1 year prior to choosing their kitten/puppy. Sometimes the wait list can be over 2 years…
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