“Since we became “empty nesters”, and Honey (our Italian Greyhound) needed a friend, we adopted Radames. He’s an Abyssinian, from the greatest Canadian family raised breeder in the entire world!

Renee Dubois IS THE ONLY person anyone should ever engage with if looking for Abyssinian kittens or French Bulldog puppies. She is the quintessential home life, nurturing, family love “breeder” to ever exist. This new boy of ours came with complete confidence, sweet personality and endless love. He’s one in a million because of Renee and her gift with animals.

Check out her FB page. You will see how she cares for and loves her craft of motherhood to God’s little creatures!”

– Robert Gunnell

“So we watch and look forward to everything you post. This raw diet for animals makes so much sense instead of store bought genetically altered crap. We truly are so happy that we have come across you. You care about your animals and about the authenticity of the animals you breed. Dogs that are different sizes and different colors just to make a few bucks really bother me. Staying true to form and your beliefs are what matter to me. Like a good hand shake or looking someone right in the eyes when you speak to them. I can’t wait to learn everything from you in the next few months.

I know our family is goin to be great for a dog and we can’t wait. There’s a million dogs out there for sale. But there’s a reason we’re waiting months to only get ours from you”

– Ryan Rickards

“We are beyond happy with our sweet little Theo, he is such an amazing addition to our family. We felt very lucky to be chosen by Renee, as she is extremely knowledgeable, passionate, and caring breeder. She was quick to answer any of our questions and has offered a great deal of advice, as we are first time puppy owners. We appreciate the support she continues to offer, we not only got a puppy from this experience but also a friend. Thank you Renee!”

– Karen and Randeep

“We had a wonderful experience working with Renee to bring our new puppy Percy home. She was very sweet and passionate, while being incredibly knowledgable about French Bulldogs. Additionally, Renee was a great communicator. She was responsive, always answered our questions and even Facetimed with us a few times to introduce us to Percy. Renee gave us great recommendations on dieting, training and scheduling as well that really set us up for success. It was evident she bred and raised a quality dog, because he came with a clean bill of health and is so well behaved. We couldn’t be more in love with our new puppy. Thanks Renee!”

– Alexa and Elliot Grossman

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