Genetic Testing

Like all living beings, there are recessive and dominant genes.

When a breeder mates two cats or dogs, does he/she know what the potential risks are? There are potential crippling and even lethal combinations possible in all breeds. A very important question to ask the person where you are thinking of getting a cat is; What genetic testing do you do and what do you look for? What do you not want in your bloodlines? As a breeder, I do genetic testing on my Abyssinian Cats and French Bulldogs.

You get what you pay for:

When looking at purchasing a dog or cat from me, know that you really do get what you pay for. My cats and dogs have thorough genetic testing done to ensure there are no life threatening diseases or genetic mutations that will cause issues for the animals. They are also tested to ensure that the breeding pair will be compatible as did you know that some combinations can be lethal? For example, breeding a merle to merle or pied to pied French Bulldog has a very high likelihood to result in significant genetic mutations and defects (just to give an example). Both the cats and dogs I have come from top quality and reputable breeders with top notch blood lines and my cats in particular come from an international award winning blood line! This is very important because when buying a pure bred animal, you want it to represent the breed standard and be 100% pure. My animals eat a very high quality raw diet that I prepare every single day. I grind the meat myself for the kittens and puppies to ensure quality and freshness. A puppy or kitten will come with all the shots, deworming, care package, surprise gift, health guarantee, and the kittens will be spayed/neutered. You will be responsible for the puppy spay and neuter since they are not performed as early as in kittens. I am dedicated to the care of your future puppy or kitten and offer you lifetime support as well.

I would like to go into a bit more detail regarding price of my animals and focus here moreso specifically on the French Bulldog. Know that this breed is not the same as other breeds, especially for the work and care that breeders must put in. So if you want a well bred, quality French Bulldog that has been fed a high quality diet, and cared for in the utmost way, then be prepared to spend more than you would for virtually any other breed of dog. Breeding French Bulldogs is a massive time commitment and expense as they almost always have to be artificially inseminated, have very pricey progesterone testing, genetic testing, have relatively small litters, require C – sections in order to not risk the death of the mom or puppies, and all of this contributes to the relatively high price of these dogs. In the first 3 weeks of birth, dedicated breeders are sleep deprived as they have to get up every 2 to 3 hours to put the babies on mom as mom is never left unattended with her puppies due to the risk of her accidentally squishing one of them. Whereas some other breeds can naturally give birth to 10 healthy puppies, and care for them almost on their own with virtually no involvement required from the owner; this is not the case with the French Bulldog breed. Please understand that the care and time that goes into raising these babies is intense and definitely not for just anyone. French Bulldogs are therefore not cheap, especially the rare colours such as Lilac and Blue, and quality is crucial here. This is not the dog that you want to shop in order to find the cheapest one out there. A Frenchie you pay $1000 – $2000 for upfront, may very well cost you $10,000 in only the first 1 to 2 years in vet bills, surgeries, and not to mention, major lifelong health issues such as allergies and spine/hip problems to name just a couple. Not to mention, a shortened life expectancy. Buying a French Bulldog from a breeder that offers a health guarantee, lifetime support, as well as a Full Panel Genetic testing is really the only way to go. All of these factors, not to mention the expense of keeping my dogs in optimal health and feeding a homemade and very high quality raw diet makes for breeding French Bulldogs an expensive feat and an around the clock job. No 3 week Mexico vacations for me! Being a breeder for me is for the love of the dogs and the reward of raising a healthy puppy that goes to a loving family is like no other. This is not something one does for the money and it’s certainly not the reason I do it as it would be much easier to do something else! Raising healthy and quality French Bulldogs is a labour of love and it is very much worth it for me and it will also be worth it for you in the long run.

For people asking me where to get the cheapest Frenchie. Let me say this, if you are struggling just to get to the purchase price, a French Bulldog may not be for you. And if you are very set on having one, then I urge you to be thorough and spend a bit more to get a quality one. Due to the popularity of this breed, puppy mills and backyard breeders seem to prefer to breed Frenchies, so their genetics are often warped. Be very careful and also be aware of scammers as there are many out there! You want to stay far away from these types of sellers.

If you’re going to buy a Frenchie, trying to save yourself $1,000 should be the very least of your concerns!

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